Creative Lead

Creative Team Management

My favorite kind of team to manage is a creative one. I've spend thousands of hours on set, in studio, working with directors, copywriters, photographers, stylists, chefs, and all manner of collaborators. Directly managing teams, schedules, and deliverables is exactly where I like to be! 

Mentorship + Coaching

I've taken about a hundred hours of communication courses, and then spent another couple hundred hours coaching and mentoring people in communication, goal setting and personal business development. I even ran a few workshops about goal setting alongside my good friend Nicole

Creative process

I've done a bunch of work on coming up with creative processes. I created and then implemented the creative process in the studio over at Food52 - we went from shooting in the bedroom of the founder's house, to a tiny in-house studio, to finally a giant, two story studio with video and podcasting bays. I was integral in coming up with the processes to create in each of those scenarios. At Squarespace, I wrote the guides on how to manage the creative process for freelancers/small agencies who want to build websites for other people. Check them out here

Daily collaboration

Having worked at many companies with teams around the globe, I am very familiar with keeping in touch and checking in on a daily basis. I love Slack, Google Hangouts, and of course, in-person meet ups. 

super nice

Loved this bit on the job description! My goal is always to be a contribution - to conversations, to companies, to my family. And you can listen to my references say some lovely things about me here - pretty sure I've got the nice human part down!