Remote Year

Brand + Content Director

Brand Positioning

The Remote Year brand is a paradigm shifter. Remotes are influencers, change-makers, and global citizens. This is how the brand should be represented visually, through copy, and in person. 

Content positioning

Remote Year content can split into three sections, each with their own goals. The first, aimed at potential Remote Year candidates. The second, at present + past Remote Year participants. And the third at the work/travel intersection at large. Each section of content should be built out to inspire, connect and educate, Remote Year acting as the host + expert in each area. 

Content ideas

First and foremost, the brand should be represented by stunning photography + video. We should send photographers out on each program trips - we could work with Creative Live on this one - to capture and create that beautiful imagery - all with strategic and planned shot lists, of course.  

Other types of content we could test and produce: daily/weekly itineraries - done in conjunction with Fathom, Mr + Mrs Smith, GoJourny, Trufflepig (I have personal connections to each of these companies) - to let people get a taste of the Remote experience. 

Article ideas: interviews with Remotes, studies on travel + meaningfulness, best places to live as an expat, best cities to visit each year, success stories of how people translated their remote time into life - success stories - get these cross-posted with Forbes, Inc, etc. 

Live events

Hosting meet and greet pop-ups around the country for potential Remotes could be awesome.
Also, teeing up speaking engagements at places like The Wing, Uncubed, WDS would be a great move. 

Ancillary ideas

Other ideas worth exploring: 

Offering pre-trip social media crash courses - this is something I teach personally, and we could work with Squarespace on this as well. 

Weave in apprentice-style coursework into appropriate programs. 

Offer summer programs for college students. 

Creating a podcast for the intersection of work + travel - this could be good "expert" positioning in this space - I'm adept at creating Podcasts!