Director, Ecommerce

ECommerce operations + Experience

I launched and ran the Food52 online shop from conception to strategy to execution. I chose every sku, then art directed + styled each product, collaborating with the editorial, marketing, sales, and customer service teams to make sure everything was as integrated and efficient as possible. I also came up with our packaging design, our shipping plan, our recipe card inclusions, and came up with several "surprise and delight" campaigns that went over very well with customers. 

Content generation + conversion

I've spend thousands of hours on set, in studio, working with directors, copywriters, photographers, stylists, chefs, and all manner of collaborators. Directly managing teams, schedules, and deliverables is exactly where I like to be! I am well versed in content creation of all stripes, and spent my time at Squarespace on creating data-driven content, that surpassed expectation for open rates and conversions.  

okrs + kpis

At Squarespace we were deeply immersed in OKRs and KPIs for customer acquisition, satisfaction, retention and lifetime value. It was amazing to work with all that data and then pull different levers to move the needle. 

in person commerce

At Food52 I managed and ran the holiday pop up shop two years in a row, coordinating everything from the demos, to the pricing stickers, to the POS systems, to the marketing and social around it. I also merchandised the entire shop (online as well as offline). 

digital marketing

I'm super versed in all things digital marketing: SEO, SEM, direct response, display, affiliate, social media, influencer, and email. At Squarespace I ran our marketing emails (which had a 90% open rate), and had a big part in our SEO, SEM and social media/influencer marketing. At Food52 I worked on everything there was for digital marketing around the shop - it was a huge driver for sales.