Travel operations

Trip planning, marketing + executing

I’ve created hundreds of itineraries for Trufflepig, Blackbook, and Mr. + Mrs. Smith. I’ve also traveled extensively myself, and at least once a week I’m sending out a detailed email to someone who’s traveling to Maine or San Diego or Seoul about where they should go and why. I’ve also planned and executed literally hundreds of events for film festivals, pop up shops and meet ups, and love all the aspects of those projects - the planning, the marketing, the execution. It is truly a love of mine. 

Coordination of trips

Every gig I’ve had I’ve ended up as the hub across the organization. At Food52 for example, I ran the production studio and coordinated with every team from the marketing to editorial to sales to post-production. This is also something I love to do -- make sure all the trains are running on time and in sync. 

Tour operators

I’ve got several contacts in this space, through Journy and Trufflepig and also through Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I would love to get into the nitty gritty of this arena and become an expert on what makes a trip go from good to great. 

SEO + search work 

Trip ideas! This is something I do on the side anyway, I’m always looking for cool trips and cool ideas. I recently took a trip with several friends out to Joshua Tree to take a night photography course. It was amazing! 

Internal processes

I am familiar with creating and updating processes. I created and then updated and maintained all of the studio processes at Food52, and then all of the email marketing processes at Squarespace for the Circle program. 


Handled all the budgets for the in-house studio, popups and events over at Food52. I am excellent at this!

Forecasts + Budgets

One of my first jobs ever was working at Nordstrom, and from there I learned how to be great with customers, and that has served me well throughout my career. At Food52 I spoke with many (many!) customers to inform my art direction and production choices. At Squarespace I spoke with so many clients about their needs and wants. I truly believe in the idea that being a joy to work with is one of the most valuable things you can be - and this goes double for working with customers. 

Customer contact

Being on set and producing as many shoots as I’ve produced has had me really hone my creativity in coming up with solutions that work, and for how to communicate information to leadership. I am calm in a crisis, quick with problem solving, and clear in my communication to everyone involved. 

On-call and responsive

I love Moment as a brand, and as a product, and I’d love to be on the team.